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#YOUthdemand is a youth-led social media campaign to galvanize action among the youth across the Europe and Central Asia region and beyond to make a strong call for the achievement of gender equality. The aim of this initiative is to unite and amplify young change-makers voices around the region and across the globe and put forward their

ideas with the aim of influencing decision-makers. Co-created and led by the youth activists in cooperation with UN Women, the campaign gathered activists, influencers, and opinion leaders across the region under a joint call to action: demand, change the world.

According to the campaign results, the majority of the young people prioritise action to end gender-based violence, which is followed by increasing youth leadership and decent employment.

As a youth, we are powerful, we have wonderful ideas and we demand to live in an equal and just world where we can live in harmony. This campaign was really important to me personally as I strongly believe youth should be more involved in decision-making processes all around the world. I took part in this wonderful campaign as a designer. We were responsible for the overall branding of the campaign, social media content, and visual communication materials. It was a fun and inspiring experience. You can check out the illustrations I made for the campaign from here!

You can also follow @unwomeneca and keep up with the campaign results and other wonderful content.

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