Burcu Köleli

Freelance Designer

Burcu Koleli is a multidisciplinary creative and freelance illustrator based in Washington, USA. She is a passionate intersectional environmentalist and feminist. Her illustration works combine digital and traditional mediums. They are inspired by daily life, relationships, and nature. She aspires to create artworks that bring joy with her vibrant colors and playful style. She aims to create inclusive artworks that dismantle stereotypical views on body image and women's sexuality. She provides branding, graphic design, motion design, and UX/UI design services. She works with NGOs and brands with good values and creates meaningful art and design. 

Self Portrait

I try my best to learn from and support the following organizations, helping to protect our mind, our world and our people. You can learn about them and support them if you can!


In 2020, I became an ambassador for World Wide Fund for Nature in order to get involved in protecting the environment and making the planet a better, cleaner place.

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