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This year, I get to have the chance to have a road trip all the way from Lousiana to Washington. We passed through; Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon in two weeks. Although every state had their own beauties, I was mesmerised by what I was seeing when we entered the state of Washington. Mountains and forests looked so beautiful. As an environmentalist and a huge fan of nature, being surrounded by the ocean and hundreds of trails, national parks and forests was a dream come tr

ue. On August I moved to Tacoma, WA. Few days after the move, the smoke from the wildfires covered the whole city. Air was toxic, it was impossible to see anything from the window. It was heartbreaking to hear about all these areas destroyed by fire and being witness to a climate disaster. Thankfully, the city is back to normal and I get to enjoy the view of Mt Rainier from my window! While the Covid continues to challenge us, I am looking forward for new adventures, projects and events!

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